Icon The Order Archer Guardian
Elf Archer RenderHe has pointy ears
Placement Floor
Cost 600 (500 upgrade) Coin
Upgrade 14 Skull
Health 425
Damage 10 (piercing)

The Archer Guardian is one of the two Guardians available to the War Mage. Introduced on Runner's Alley, level 5, the Elven archers will be a valuable asset in your defense of the Rift Fortresses. Elven Archers can be enhanced through use of the Steel Weaver.

General Info

Of the Order, Elven Archers are loyal mercenaries that are available for hire. They are stationary units, and act just like traps, however, like all guardians, they are susceptible to damage.


They’re snooty, obnoxious, and no fun at parties, but they know how to fill an orc belly full of arrows in the blink of an eye. They’re worth keeping around just for the pointy-ear jokes.[1]

Allies of the Order for centuries, the elves stand ready to come to the aid of fortresses under attack by the orc mob. Deadly accurate with their bows, elven archers are able to fire a volley of arrows in the blink of an eye. If they fall in battle, the power of the rifts will heal them when there’s a break in the action. Just tune them out if they start yammering about birds and plants and “all living things” and the rest of that treehugger nonsense.[2]

Orcs Must Die! 2

Archer Guardians return in Orcs Must Die 2 as an unlockable bonus from completing the Passages mission. "Fires arrows at distant enemies."

Costs 750 coins to place.


  • Level 1: Costs 650 to place. Cost: 2
  • Level 2: Costs 575 to place. Cost: 5
  • Level 3: Costs 500 to place. Cost 11
  • Unique 1: Burning arrows sometimes set targets on fire. Cost: 5
  • Unique 2: Elven archers regenerate health. Cost: 5

Affected by the Guardian Trinket's revival effect.


  • The Archer receives 0.75 times the damage from piercing attacks, but 1.5 times the damage from Impact. This makes the archer endure more hits from Crossbow Orcs, but less from Ogres.
  • Archers usually have great aim and can even hit flying targets and those thrown by spring traps, however they lose a lot of accuracy when they try to take aim at enemies affected by Steam Traps. Archers are great at taking out Kobold Sappers and Kobold Runners.
  • Due to their weakness to impact damage, Archers are extremely vulnerable to Gnoll Hunters.
  • Archers will prioritize fast and flying enemies before standard and slow enemies.
  • Fallen guardians will be revived at every major break.