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The Arrow Wall trap is a wall placed Trap introduced on The Fork, level 2. It fires razor sharp arrows at enemies that cross into its trigger range. The Arrows themselves fly much farther than the range at which the trap will trigger making this trap ideal to cover hallway corners.


A barrage of pointy arrows awaits the unwary orc that steps too close. With proper placement, an arrow wall can take out entire groups of enemies.[1]

Who doesn’t like a bunch of arrows to the face? Orcs, that’s who! Place these deadly beauties at the end of fortress corridors to cover an unguarded approach, or stick two across a hall from each other to shred a whole legion of enemies in a devastating crossfire.[2]

General Info

Orcs Must Die!

  • Level Obtained: The Fork (Level 2)
  • Cost (Coins): 600
  • Placement: Wall


  • Upgrade: Extended Arrow Wall
  • Upgrade Cost: 8 Skulls
  • Upgrade Ability: Extends the trigger range

Orcs Must Die! 2

  • Cost (Coins): 600
  • Placement: Wall/Ceiling*


  • Level 1: Arrows do additional damage. Cost: 3
  • Level 2: Arrows do additional damage. Cost: 6
  • Level 3: Arrows do additional damage. Cost: 13
  • Unique 1: Arrows sometimes set enemies on fire. Cost: 5
  • Unique 2: Arrows sometimes chill enemies, reducing their movement speed. Cost: 5.
  • Special 1: Arrow Walls can now be placed on ceilings. Cost: 11


Try and force orcs to walk toward or away from these traps instead of just across them (shooting them in the face or back). If you use tar pits, they can reload and fire again before the orcs pass 3 squares. They are also useful for killing things on coinforges. If you only cover 1 square, use a differnt wall trap, as they do more damage. Kobolds can run past them (if shot from the side) and not get hit.


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