Artifacts of power is the first of two announced Downloadable Content (DLC) sets for Orcs Must Die! and was released on Oct 25, 2011. It introduces four new items for the War Mage to use in mass slaughter of Orcs. It includes the Shock Zapper and Floor Scorcher traps as well as the Vampiric Guantlets and Alchemist Satchel.


Expand your Orcs Must Die! arsenal with two new weapons and two new traps. With the Artifacts of Power in your spellbook, you’ll be demolishing levels, beating your friends on the leaderboards, and most importantly, killing a bunch of orcs deader than dead. Only the best tools for the last surviving War Mage!

New Content


Name Type Placement Cost (Coins) Upgrade Upgrade Cost (Skulls) Upgrade Enhancement
Shock Zapper Damage Ceiling 800 Storm Zapper 16 Holds an additional Lighting Charge
Floor Scorcher Damage Floor 800 Floor Burner 16 Has a wider arc of Fire.


Name Primary Attack Mana Cost (primary) Secondary Attack Mana Cost (secondary)
Vampiric Guantlets Drain life from enemies to refill your own 2.25 Sacrifice Health for Mana None
Alchemist Satchel Toss or Place Acid Bombs 43 Explode all Acid Bombs 20