Weapon Icon Crossbow
Crossbow Render
Primary Attack
Damage 14 (Piercing)
Mana Cost 0
Effect Headshots: damage x 10.0
Secondary Attack
Damage 0
Mana Cost 33
Range 300 (splash)
Effect Stun: 2.5 sec

The Crossbow is the default weapon in Orcs Must Die! It's locked to the skill bar in every single mission.


The primary attack is a basic energy bolt, which can be fired rapidly. After every shot, it's accuracy drops by a small amount. Accuracy quickly restores when not shooting. Headshots will do 10 times as much damage. Its secondary ability is a bolt that stuns targets on impact.


Hot from the forges of the Order Enchanters, this high-powered magical crossbow is perfect for driving sharp bolts straight into the brainpans of pesky orcs. [1]

One of the signature weapons of the war mages, the crossbow is accurate at long range and has a rapid rate of fire. Experts learn to pace their shots and aim for the head for maximum orc-killing efficiency. The crossbow can also fire a special bolt that stuns small groups of enemies.[2]



  • The Flame Crossbow deals piercing damage.
  • With the xbox controller the crossbow is fully automatic.