Icon The Mob Crossbow Orc
Crossbow Orcs RenderShoots crossbow bolts at you and your minions
Health 70
Damage 75
Reward 15Coin
Speed 300
Rift Points 1

The Crossbow Orc is one type of orc that will be invading the fortresses in order to get to the rift. They appear in Orcs Must Die! and Orcs Must Die! 2


A lot like the regular orcs, but they’re taller and shoot pointy crossbow bolts at thin-skinned War Mages. Dangerous in numbers, but they die just as easily as any other orc.[1]

Five brain cells smarter and a head taller than the average orc, these guys have been trained to point a crossbow at their enemies and pull the little trigger (the one by their finger). Given that orcs have the eyesight of an aged mole, their aim is pretty good. They’re more dangerous than their sword-wielding buddies; obviously, all orcs must die, but maybe these orcs should die first.[2]


  • They actually make semi-useful allies if converted by a Spore Mushroom as they fire their crossbows with high accuracy and much more rapidly than when unconverted. They can take out flying enemies with much more ease than the player's archer guardian due to a larger damage output and constant fire rate.