Icon The Mob Cyclops Mage
CyclopsDangerous ranged enemy; fires seeking projectiles
Health 760
Damage 150 (AoE), -5 mana p/s for 5s
Reward 40Coin
Multiplier Bladestaff x 6.0
Fire x 0.75
Lightning x 0.75
Sharp x 2.0
Ice x 0.75
Speed 300
Specialty Seeking projectiles drain mana
Rift Points 1

The Cyclops Mage is an enemy in Orcs Must Die! It appears in the Lost Adventures DLC. It is capable of shooting seeking projectiles that damage the War Mage and drain Mana. However in the lost adventures this mob suffered from poor targeting and a few bugs. In Orcs Must Die! 2 the Cyclops Mage has been edited and is now even more dangerous. This foe is in the DLC maps Triple Down, Double Trouble and in every endless mode map in Orcs Must Die! 2.