Icon The Mob Earth Elemental
Earth ElementalSplits when killed into two Earthlings
Health 150
Reward 0Coin
Multiplier Explosive x 2.0
Acid x 0.5
Lightning x 0.33
Piercing x 0.25
Cutting x 0.5
Burning x 0.0
Speed 300
Rift Points 2

The Earth Elemental is a new enemy in Orcs Must Die! 2. Its most notable ability is to spawn two Earthlings once killed. Although killing one does not reward the player with any coins, the Earthlings it spawns are worth 20Coin each. The Earth elemental is weak to explosive damage. (Blunderbuss grenades, Boom Barrel, etc.)

When a Earth Elemental splits, the spawned monsters will "forget" that they visited any waypoints that you blocked with Barricades and will attempt to visit them again.