Weaver Elemental
The Elemental Weaver, introduced on Chaos Chamber, level 11, enhances player combat prowess through added health, more powerful Weapons and enhanced potency for Spells.

Tier 1

Talent Enchanted Weapons

Enchanted Weapons

  • Cost: 1200 coins
  • Description: Gain Flame Crossbow and Holy Bladestaff
  • Prerequisite: None
Talent Mana Conservation

Mana Conservation

  • Cost: 1200 coins
  • Description: Spell primary costs are 30% cheaper
  • Prerequisite: None

Tier 2

Talent Blinding Stun

Blinding Stun

  • Cost: 800 coins
  • Description: Improved Crossbow stun area and duration
  • Prerequisite: Enchanted Weapons
Talent Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush

  • Cost: 800 Coins
  • Description: Player health doubled; After melee kills the player gains 30% extra speed
  • Prerequisites: Enchanted Weapons
Talent Icy Winds

Icy Winds

  • Cost: 500 coins
  • Description: Frost effects +33% duration; wind belt 33% increased force.
  • Prerequisite: Mana Conservation
Talent Fire Storm


  • Cost: 800 coins
  • Description: Fireball DOT effect +50%; lightning bolt hits one extra target.
  • Prerequisite: Mana Conservation

Tier 3

Talent Charged Weapons

Charged Weapons

  • Cost: 1900 coins
  • Description: Crossbow and Bladestaff kills grant 5% of the mana bar.
  • Prerequisite: Any Middle Tier Elemental Weaver Ability