Icon The Mob Fire Baby
Fire BabyFlying enemy that avoids floor traps
Health 55
Damage 50 (AoE)
Reward 10Coin
Multiplier Fire x 0.025
Piercing x 5.0
Cutting x 4.0
Bladestaff x 4.0
Lightning x 0.25
Explosive x 0.01
Speed 300
Specialty Flying
Rift Points 1

Fire Babies are a relatively small branch of the Orc mob. A smaller, weaker version of the Hellbat, they are kind of like a flying kobold runner ,but they attack. They seem easy but are may be hard to hit and swarm War Mages and Guardians effectively. Just keep a sharp eye on the sky to deal with these little guys, and strike with your Crossbow, Ice Amulet, or at medium to short range, with your blunderbuss. They first come in to play in the level The Balcony in Orcs Must Die!, or in the level Corridors in Orcs Must Die! 2, just like the Hellbat.