Icon The Mob Fire Ogre
Fire OgreHard to kill; Immune to fire; Counts for 5 rift points
Health 2000
Damage 50 (Fire), 125 (Impact)
Reward 50Coin
Loot Gold 100%
Multiplier Fire x 0.1
Ice x 2.5
Blade Staff x 7.0
Sharp x 4.0
Speed 300
Specialty Heavy, charges, stuns
Rift Points 5

Hard to kill, immune to Fire and counting for 5 rift points. This is the Fire version of the Ice Ogre. The Fire Ogre is an Ogre with increased power and immunity to Fire attacks, but every advantage has its disadvantage, as the Fire Ogre has a weakness for Ice attacks.


The fire resistance of the Fire Ogre renders the Fire Bracers useless, but it increases the damage of the Ice Amulet. The Spore Mushroom can turn this tough enemy into a useful ally. They do additional damage to Frost ogres when converted due to their weakness to fire damage, however, Frost ogres do more damage to fire ogres inversely.