Weapon Icon Flame Bracers
Weapon Flame Bracers
Primary Attack
Damage 150 (Fire) + 115 p/s for 2 sec
Mana Cost 33
Range 350 (splash)
Effect Burning
Secondary Attack
Damage 10 (Fire) = 40 p/s for 3 sec
Mana Cost 75
Range 500 wide
Effect Burning, Wall of fire for 15 sec

The Flame Bracers are one of the weapons in Orcs Must Die! It is unlocked at the start of the 12th Rift Fortress: Chokepoint.


"Throw Fireballs At Groups of Enemies"


The second magical attack that the War Mage acquires in his journey. When used it flings a fireball at whatever you point at.It's primary attack is a fireball that deals area damage. Fireballs can kill most enemies in one hit and are best used when fired into a densely packed crowd.

The secondary action lays down a perpendicular "Wall of Fire". This short-lived effect will torch enemies as they pass through it. Shield Orcs and tougher enemies will pass through damaged, but still just as angry! It is most useful by a door or similar chokepoint, but time it right before the front of an enemy wave passes for maximum effect.


Orcs Must Die! 2

The Flame Bracers return in Orcs Must Die 2 as an unlockable weapon earned by completing the Upstairs Downstairs mission.


  • Level 1 - Fireballs cost less mana and burn enemies longer - 3 Skull
  • Level 2 - Fireballs cost less mana and burn enemies longer - 6 Skull
  • Level 3 - Fireballs cost less mana and burn enemies longer - 13 Skull
  • Unique 1 - Fire Wall lasts longer - 5 Skull
  • Unique 2 - Fire Wall briefly stuns enemies - 5 Skull

Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Lauches small firevalls which ignite targets on impact.

Rarity: Rare

Mana Cost: 1500


Steam-icon-Great-Balls-of-Fire Great Balls of Fire!
Get 300 fireball kills in one level