Icon The Order Floor Scorcher
Trap Floor ScorcherFlips up and burns groups of enemies
Placement Floor
Cost 800 Coin
Upgrade 16 Skull
Damage 9 x 20 (Fire), 12 x 20 (upgrade) + 10 p/s for 2 sec
Range 150
Arc 90°, 120° (upgrade)
Effect Tosses enemies on the trap

The Floor Scorcher is a floor placed Damage Trap that spits fire in the selected direction and tosses enemies on top of it in the opposite direction. It is part of the Artifacts of Power DLC in Orcs Must Die!

Orcs Must Die! 2

The Floor Scorcher returns in Orcs Must Die! 2, only this time it can be placed on walls to cover areas of attack other traps cannot, such as around corners.