Icon The Order Grinder
Trap Grinder
Placement Wall
Cost 1000 Coin
Upgrade 16 Skull

The Grinder is a wall placed Damage Trap introduced in The Squeeze, level 22 and unlockable by purchase in Orcs Must Die 2. It sucks in enemies that come within range and grinds them up into easily managed and dead giblets. A nice perk about this one is that it will run constantly until it jams. At which point it will need to clean and reset itself for the next period of use.

Orcs Must Die!

Level Obtained: The Squeeze (Level 22)

Cost (Coins): 1000

Placement: Wall

Upgrade: Self-Clean Grinder

Upgrade Cost: 16 skulls

Upgrade Ability: The grinder grinds longer before jamming, and resets quicker after being jammed.

Orcs Must Die! 2

Cost to unlock: 12

Cost (coins): 1000

Placement: Wall

Level 1: Increased damage; clears jams faster - Cost: 3

Level 2: Increased damage; clears jams faster - Cost: 7

Level 3: Increased damage; clears jams faster - Cost: 15

Unique 1: Grinder unjams much more quickly. Cost: 6

Unique 2: Grinder sometimes makes enemies bleed for a short time. Cost: 6


This works great against Kobold Runners, but is worse than other traps against the horde. Put one near the end (with barricades) to catch any that get by your main traps.

It is extremely effective when paired with barricades that force the horde to bottleneck past several grinders.