Icon The Mob Hellbat
HellbatFlying enemy that avoids floor traps
Health 220
Damage 150 (AoE)
Reward 20Coin
Multiplier Fire x 0.1
Piercing x 2.0
Bladestaff x 4.0
Lightning x 0.35
Explosive x 0.1
Sharp x 2.0
Speed 300
Specialty Flying
Rift Points 1

The Hellbat is a flying enemy in Orcs Must Die!. It attacks by spitting fire, and it's attack is AoE. It's debut is in the level The Balcony in Orcs Must Die!, or in the level Corridors in Orcs Must Die! 2, just like the Fire Baby. It is recommended you watch out for them, as they can easily kill guardians that cross their path.