Hidden Gulch

Hidden Gulch is the sixth level in Orcs Must Die! 2. Upon its completion the Haymaker is unlocked.

Hidden Gulch Map

Bilebats make their first appearance in this level.

Level Description


  • Entrance Rifts: 1
  • Flyer Entrances: 1
  • Exit Doors: 2
  • Waves: 9
  • Rift Points: 30 (Nightmare: 15, Endless: 30)
  • Completion Time (par): 17:00
  • Starting Money: 4000Coin (Endless: 6000Coin)



  • The platforms with Archer Guardians are a great place for additional archers on War Mage difficulty, as it renders the archers unreachable by melee enemies. However, beware of Gnoll Grenadiers on Endless or Nightmare.


Preparation Track :Apocalypstick

Battle Track :Bar Fight