Icon The Mob Hobgoblin Shaman
Hobgoblin Shaman
Health 100
Damage 0
Reward 75Coin
Multiplier Fire x 0.1
Ice x 0.1
Lightning x 0.1
Blade Staff x 2.0
Rift Points 1
The Hobgoblin Shaman is a small, big-eared foe that can bring any land-based mob back from the dead. They first appear in the level "Rebirth " in Act 3 of Orcs Must Die!. They are only present in a handful of levels, and are absent from the Lost Adventures DLC.

Hobgoblin Shamans are most dangerous when they resurrect a larger enemy such as an Ogre or Gnoll Hunter . In Orcs Must Die! 2, they have more deadly foes to bring back, such as the Mountain Troll .


One bug with the Hobgoblin Shaman in the Xbox Arcade version was that if there were three of the Hobgoblin Shaman it was possible for two to die then while the last Hobgoblin Shaman was resurrecting the one of the dead ones if the player killed it the wave would end yet the Hobgoblin Shaman that was being resurrected would be alive during the "Go" break and resurrect the other Hobgoblin Shaman.