Icon The Mob Kobold Runner
Health 13
Damage 0
Speed 600
Rift Points 1

The Kobold Runner is a very fast creature that will go directly towards the rift.

These creatures appear in small groups unlike their comrade, the orc. They are very small and quick, but possess a very small health bar. In addition, they have no form of attack, except against barricades that completely block off a rift.

Orcs Must Die! 2


  • They are very weak and, therefore, most attacks will kill them.
  • As they sprint, Kobolds will ignore the player and run straight for the Rift. They are fast enough to set off most traps without being injured by them.
  • The war mage's tar trap will slow them down enough to make wall traps effective against them
  • The Archer guardian is one of the only traps that attack fast enough to kill them on their own.
  • The brimstone trap will kill them as soon as they step on them.
  • If they activate a Spore Mushroom trap they will transform into a powerful ally, provided you have the appropriate upgrade.