Icon The Mob Kobold Sapper
Kobold Sapper
Health 13
Damage 300 (Explosive)
Reward 10Coin
Multiplier Explosive x 0.05
Sharp x 0.5
Speed 600
Specialty Flinches target, friendly fire
Rift Points 1

The Kobold Sapper is a mob in Orcs Must Die!

This mob will sprint out of the gateway in single file lines with bomb-filled barrels strapped to their backs and head straight for the player, his or her Guardians, or Barricades. Packs of these kamikaze-style mobs will do significant damage to everything they hit, including other enemies. The best way to dispatch them is to use the Lightning Ring to zap a few of them at a distance and start a chain reaction. It is recommended to avoid using melee attacks to dispatch them, as they explode when killed. Traps can be set up to destroy them in advance; they often rush ahead of other enemies.


  • They prioritise The War Mage/The Sorceress over entering the rift, meaning they won't enter the rift as long as The War Mage is alive, even if they have to walk through the rift to get to him.
  • Sappers are expert demolitionists, and are the biggest threat to a player's  Barricades in the game. When they reach a barricade, they explode, dealing massive damage to it, and everything around it.
  • Sappers target Guardians if the player is too far away and no Barricades are present.
  • In Orcs Must Die! 2 Sappers make a loud Sound when they enter the area.