Mirror Image

Mirror Image is the thirteenth level in Orcs Must Die! 2 and the sixth in Act 2. Upon its completion the Shock Zapper is awarded.

Minimap Mirror Image 02

Minimap Mirror Image 01

Level Description


  • Entrance Doors: 4
  • Exit Rifts: 1
  • Waves: 9
  • Rift Points: 30 (Nightmare: 15)
  • Completion Time (par): 9:30
  • Starting Money: 7000Coin


  • All paths to the Rift are quite short. Placing Barricades at the base of either the east or west stairs will force the Kobold Runners to use the other stairway. Block off half of the other stairway with Barricades, and place a line of Brimstone traps guarding the lone open stairway. This will kill all of the Kobold Runners.
  • The Ice Amulet and Bladestaff will make short work of the trolls.
  • Guard the upper two hallways with a series of wall traps, such as Acid Sprayers.


Preparation Track :Untitled

Battle Track :Castlemania