Icon The Order Paladin Guardian
PaladinHoly warriors of the Order
Placement Floor
Cost 1200 (1000 upgrade) Coin
Upgrade 14 Skull
Health 1800
Damage 20 (cutting)
Range 250
Arc 90°
Effect Stun 1s (Tempered Blades)

The Paladin is a guardian in Orcs Must Die! It is unlocked in the 17th Rift Fortress: The Bridge. Tough as nails and dumb as bricks they are powerful yet slow and act as the melee guardians that the War Mage employes in his never ending defense of the Rift Gates.


  • The Paladin receives 0.5 times the damage from cutting attacks, but 1.5 times the damage from Impact. This makes the paladin endure more hits from Orc Warriors, but less from Ogres.
  • When mobbed they attract the aggro of about 4-6 units at a given time (3 units each in Orcs Must Die! 2 ), the rest simply walk around him.
  • Paladins have a bad habit of chasing after escaped enemies leaving their post unguarded.
  • Paladins cannot attack enemies caught in a Steam Trap.
  • Fallen guardians will be revived at every major break.