DLC022 ReverseTower

Reverse Tower is the second level from the Lost Adventures DLC. Its lay-out is identical with The Tower, with only the bottom gate and rift swapped.


Minimap Reverse Tower 01

Minimap Reverse Tower 02

Minimap Reverse Tower 03

The level consists of 12 waves. Upon surviving a wave, The War Mage is awarded 500Coin and a break of 15 seconds. The 3rd wave awards 1000Coin and an infinite break. The 6th wave awards 1000Coin and an infinite break. The 9th wave awards 1500Coin and an infinite break.

The Rift Fortress comes with a mounted Ballista, two Rolling Logs and several Chandeliers. Orc Warriors have a 50% chance to spawn with a shield. In the last few waves, this coverage will be 100%.


Upper Door Lower Door Roof
Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 3
Wave 4
Wave 5
Wave 6
Wave 7
Wave 8
Wave 9
Wave 10
Wave 11
Wave 12