Rifts are magical gateways that link the human lands from the dead world and act as the source of all magic in both. The Order, and subsequently you as a War Mage of The Order, have sworn to protect these rifts so as to keep The Mob from invading your homelands, so failing to do so is probably a bad thing... Just saying.

The War Mage states through his dialog that the Rift itself is also a power source and has a form of inteliegence as the game progresses.

"I feel more connected to the Rifts every time I defend one, its like they're filling my head with... ah.. more... smartness?"

-The War Mage when he is defending the rift fortress known as "The Stream "

"Without the rifts theres no magic anymore... on EITHER side. Do the Order mages know? They must have!"

- The War Mage in the defense of the fortress "Finale"


The Rift can be upgraded with a lightning generator by purchasing the upgrade in the Knowledge Weaver-menu. The lightning generator enables rifts to attack mobs. The attacks do 100 Lightning damage.


The Rift will heal and increase energy regeneration slightly when the War Mage is nearby.

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