Weapon Icon Sceptre of Domination
Sceptre Of Domination
Primary Attack
Mana Cost 0
Secondary Attack
Effect Charm target

The Sceptre of Domination is The Sorceress' default weapon in Orcs Must Die! 2. Its primary attack is a rapid energy attack similar to that of the Crossbow (except it cannot deal headshots, and spamming does not affect accuracy at all). The primary attack can also be charged to one of two levels; the first charge will vapourize the enemy it hits, and the second charge is an explosive bolt. The secondary attack can charm an enemy so that it temporarily fights for the player. If the charmed enemy is killed whilst still charmed, it will explode and damage anything nearby.


  • Level Up (3x) - Charm lasts longer and charm death causes more damage
  • Unique 1 - Fully charged primary attack has a larger radius
  • Unique 2 - Primary attack deals extra damage to charmed enemies