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The Spike Trap is a floor placed Damage Trap introduced on The Hallway, level 1. This trap shoots spikes up out of the floor to damage enemies that step on the trap and then resets for the next enemy.


Skewer entire groups of orcs where it hurts the most – in the soles of their tender, moisturized feet. A hallway lined with spike traps is a perfect addition to the ambience of any rift fortress. [1]

The first bread-and-butter trap that a war mage learns to create, the floor spikes are the perfect tool for thinning out the invading orc mob. With oiled steel blades, a sensitive pressure trigger for maximum foot penetration, and a self-cleaning mechanism, this trap provides hours of orc-skewering enjoyment with minimal maintenance.[2]

Note: In most cases, Kobald Runners are fast enough to avoid spike traps.


Poisoned Spike Trap Cost: 8 Skulls Ability:

  • +3 damage per second, for 5 seconds
  • 40% snare, 4 seconds