Weaver Steel
The Steel Weaver, introduced on Chaos Chamber, level 11, enhances Traps and Guardians through higher coin output from traps as well as added damage or higher health and functionality of guardians.

Tier 1

Talent Death Augmenter

Death Augmenter

  • Cost: 500 coins
  • Description: Orcs killed by traps and guardians earn 66% more coins.
  • Prerequisite: None

Tier 2

Talent Guardian Armor

Guardian Armor

  • Cost: 1500 coins
  • Description: Guardians have increased health and will regenerate any damage they take
  • Prerequisite: Death Augmenter
Talent Oiled Trap Gears

Oiled Trap Gears

  • Cost: 1500 Coins
  • Description: All timed traps reset 20% faster.
  • Prerequisites: Death Augmenter

Tier 3

Talent Burning Pitch

Burning Pitch

  • Cost: 1000 coins
  • Description: Elves gain flame arrows and generate more combos.
  • Prerequisite: Guardian Armor
Talent Tempered Blades

Tempered Blades

  • Cost: 1000 coins
  • Description: Paladin attacks stun enemies.
  • Prerequisite: Guardian Armor
Talent Jagged Steel

Jagged Steel

  • Cost: 1000 coins
  • Description: Piercing and cutting traps add a bleed effect for 50% of the damage they deal.
  • Prerequisite: Oiled Trap Gears
Talent Overcoiled Springs

Overcoiled Springs

  • Cost: 1000 coins
  • Description: All physics traps are stronger and also affect ogres.
  • Prerequisite: Oiled Trap Gears