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Boom Barrel

The War Mage has a wide variety of traps at his disposal when defending the rifts. These traps, as well as weapons and guardians, will be what is used to stop the orcs from reaching the Rift. Some traps are permanent, others are one use only, some will be placed on the ground while others will need a place on a wall or ceiling.

Overview of traps in Orcs Must Die!

Name Type Placement Obtained in In Game Description Cost Upgrade Upgrade Cost (Skulls) Upgrade Enhancement
Spike Trap Damage Floor The Hallway Place on the Floor; Reset after firing 300 Poisoned Spike Trap 8 Adds a small snare to the Spike Trap
Tar Trap Snare Floor The Hallway Slows Down Enemies 400 Sticky Tar Trap 8 Slows enemies even more
Arrow Wall Damage Wall The Fork Place on the Walls; Resets after firing 600 Extended Arrow Wall 8 Extends the trap trigger range
Boom Barrel Damage Floor The Corner Blows up when Damaged 200 Super Boom Barrel 10 More Damage and a Larger Blast Radius
Spring Trap Push Floor Twin Halls Place on the Floor; Resets after firing 600 Dwarven Spring Trap 12 Reduces price to 500 coins
Barricade Blockade Floor Overpass Place as an Obstacle to Block the Enemies Path 800 Improved Barricade 12 Reduces price to 700 coins
Wall Blades Damage Wall Lunch Break Place on the Walls; resets after firing 800 Steel Wall Blades 14 Does More Damage
Brimstone DOT Floor The Tower Burns Enemies; Fades out after doing damage 700 Sorcerous Brimstone 12 Increase DoT duration
Pounder Damage Ceiling The Arena Place on the Ceiling; Resets after firing 500 Crushing Pounder 14 Applies a small stun
Steam Trap Snare Floor The Stream Place on the Floor; Levitates Enemies 400 Pressure Steam Trap 12 Reduces price to 300 Coins
Push Trap Push Wall Sludge Hole place on the Walls; Resets after firing 300 Empowered Push Traps 10 Applies a small stun
Swing Mace Damage Ceiling Library Place on the Ceiling; Resets after firing 1500 Clockwork Mace 16 No longer needs to reset between swings
Decoy Misc Floor Killing Fields Looks Oddly like you; Explodes if destroyed by enemies 700 Reinforced Decoy 10 Take more damage before exploding
Autoballista Damage Ceiling Hard Climb Automatically attacks the enemy 1000 Sniper Ballista 16 Increases attack range
Grinder Damage Wall The Squeeze Sucks in enemies that get too close; Runs constantly until it jams 1000 Self Cleaning Grinder 16 Resets less often and Resets Faster
Coin Forge Misc Floor Finale Enemies that die on this drop more coins 200 Spellbound Coinforge 18 Coinforges generate additional coins
Spore Mushroom Misc Floor Stairs of Doom Converts the first enemy that steps on it 1200 Spicy Mushroom 16 Victims of the Spore Trap are Tougher and Harder to kill
Shock Zapper Damage Ceiling Artifacts of Power DLC Ceiling mounted turret; adept at frying fliers 800 Storm Zapper 16 Holds an additional Lightning charge
Floor Scorcher Damage Floor Artifacts of Power DLC Flips up and burns groups of enemies 800 Floor Burner 16 Has a wider arc of fire

Overview of traps in Orcs Must Die! 2

Overview of traps in Template:OMDU!

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