Tunnels Map

Tunnels is the second level in Orcs Must Die! 2. Upon its completion the Healing Trinket is unlocked.

Level Description


  • Entrance Rifts: 2
  • Exit Doors: 1
  • Waves: 5
  • Rift Points: 20 (Nightmare: 10, Endless: 20)
  • Completion Time (par): 6:00
  • Starting Money: 4000Coin (Endless: 5000Coin)



  • Health Potion: 3


  • Enemy movement is straightforward; Orcs move from the rifts down the stairs towards the exit door.
  • Physics traps placed in the upper section have a chance of knocking Orcs down into the trench, where they might pass the stairs (or worse, make it to the exit) unnoticed. To avoid this, place a couple Spring Traps on the bridge, and you won't have to move your helping hand away from the chokes! Large enemies won't be knocked into the trench, so you shouldn't have a problem with any flankers.
  • Remember to use the Boulder Chute near the bridge!
  • An easy strategy is to go for Spike Trap and Tar Trap checkerboarding with Arrow Walls right in front of the rifts. In Nightmare and Endless, I suggest using Grinders and Shock Zappers on the walls, with Dart Spitters on the roof. If you get the unique 2 (charm) on your dart spitters, you won't have too much problems.
  • A common mistake for many new players is that they try to filter all the enemies toward the end of the level. This is not very effective due to the rail tracks limiting your floor traps, and no possibilities for roof traps. The hallway is also very wide, and hard to use effective chokes in.


  • Preparation track :Untitled
  • Battle Track :Castlemania