Weapon Icon Vampiric Gauntlets
Weapon Vampiric Gauntlets
Primary Attack
Damage 11 (Piercing)
Mana Cost 2.25
Effect Heals the user for 18 hp per impact
Secondary Attack
Effect Uses up 37.5 hp, restores 3.33 mana to user

The Vampiric Gauntlets are one of the weapons of Orcs Must Die! They are added in the Artifacts of Power DLC. They fire projectiles that damage the target and heal its user. The secondary ability allows the user to sacrifice health in order to recover mana.

Orcs Must Die 2

The Vampiric Gauntlets return in Orcs Must Die 2 at the purchase price of 14 Skull. Health restored by the Vampiric Gauntlets is proportional to damage dealt, so improving damage on the gauntlets will also improve the health restored per hit as well - the ratio of health per damage remains constant (needs confirmation).

The Vampiric Gauntlets projectile has a high speed, long range and no spread. This makes the Gauntlets' primary attack an effective long-range weapon - particularly for the War Mage who lacks access to many low mana cost weapons with these attributes.


  • Level 1 - Primary attack does additional damage and healing - 3 Skull
  • Level 2 - Primary attack does additional damage and healing - 8 Skull
  • Level 3 - Primary attack does additional damage and healing - 16 Skull
  • Unique 1 - Enemies are immobilized for a short time - 6 Skull
  • Unique 2 - Secondary: health to mana conversion rate improved - 6 Skull