Orcs Must Die!

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Weavers are an upgrade-mechanic in Orcs Must Die! These skilled practicioners of the arcane arts have studied long and hard to figure out the best ways to enhance a War Mages abilities. They can help by enhancing Weapons, Guardians and Traps.

Elemental Weaver

For the War Mage who prefers to get in and do the dirty work himself. The Elemental Weaver improves the War Mage's combat abilities. Whether through improved health, more powerful Weapon attacks or cheaper and more powerful Spells this weaver is all about helping you kill all those bad guys.

Steel Weaver

For the War Mage who would like to let his traps do more of the work. The Steel Weaver improves the War Mage's Traps and Guardians. Through increased health and functionality for your Guardians or added efficiency and damage for your Traps this Weaver will empower your traps to stop the Orcs dead.

Knowledge Weaver

For the War Mage who likes a few extra capabilities. The Knowledge Weaver increases what your spells, defenses and War Mage awesome self can do. You can increase your speed, sometimes raise dead bad guys to fight for you or employ a few other handy and useful tricks to help in various ways.


  • You can only have one Weaver providing its enhancements at any given time but you reselect the Weaver to use at the start of each level, because the weaver effects only last for one level.
  • Weaver abilities cost coins to purchase and range from 500 to 1900 coins

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Orcs Must Die! Unchained

The Weavers are back in Orcs Must Die! Unchained!

Weavers can be used after unlocking the slot(s) at level 8, 13 and 18. The Weaver cards however must first be obtained. You can get Weaver cards from Card Packs. On the right bottom side of your screen you can see the weaver(s) you have equipped and all the upgrades you have purchased.

A Weaver can be activated in a match by clicking: "U" (default) and buying a upgrade. After buying your first upgrade you can't chance weavers anymore, so choose wisely.