Weapon Icon Wind Belt
Weapon Wind Belt
Primary Attack
Damage 0
Mana Cost 25
Arc 30°
Effect Blows away non-heavy targets
Secondary Attack
Damage 0
Effect Picks up non-heavy target

The Wind Belt a weapon in Orcs Must Die! It is unlocked in Stage 4: The Baths.


Its primary attack is a wind blast that pushes any mobs in the direction The War Mage is facing, making it possible to push mobs into traps or pools.

The secondary attack is a magic grab that allows the War Mage to pick up an enemy or object such as a Boom Barrel and throw them in a direction.

The Wind Belt cannot be upgraded with skulls but has its effects and mana costs changed by the Elemental Weaver. The wind belt will not affect Ogres or flying mobs.